Someday, I want to be referred to as "Kevin - rock n' roll incarnate." Someday...


Just bought a Melodica. Best $30 I've ever spent.


I have a good friend that I was visiting with the other day. In our conversation, we talked about blogs and how some can be so good while others can be down-right lame. I felt like I didn't have anything to blog about or I didn't have any cool pictures to post. And if I did, I'd just end up putting them on facebook. He made a very interesting point. He said that some people just blog for themselves. I liked how that sounded. I wanted to start blogging for myself and so now, here I am. If anyone wants to listen in, fantastic. But I am just doing this for me.



For Memorial Day, I went to Yosemite with my cousins and siblings. It vas so much fun.
I got to be a real mountain man. I wore my sweet vest, some military pants that tie at the bottom to prevent bugs from crawling up them, my wool socks, and some worn out shoes that made for terrible traction. And don't forget my beard. All mountain men have them. I look like I'm home.
Kim loved being in the great outdoors.
Jeff made the best of the trip.
I didn't like that we could only have campfires from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. What kind of camping is that?! So we were rebellious and made a fire in the morning...only because that was the only way we were going to be able to eat breakfast.
And yes, I did take this picture. Without an expensive camera. Ha!
This is Eric, Paxton, Kalem, Chelise, Bradon, Devin, Ashley, in that order. They are great.


Ratatat 'LP4'

I was bored and decided to search around on NPR's music page and saw that Ratatat was coming out with a new CD. I was first introduced to the band by a friend about 2 years ago and loved the non-vocal driving electronic/rock songs. They were fun but interesting enough for me to put the album on repeat for about 3 weeks.

I really like this new album, LP4. I've been listening to it on NPR for the past few days. It has the same great driving feel as the other albums that I love but it's different. The same great guitar solos are tastefully sprinkled across most of the songs, new and intriguing sounding percussion, and compelling string compositions make this a "repeat" album for me. It almost makes you feel like you are flying through space (just so you know, I've never flown through space, but if I do and it doesn't feel like this, I'll be very disappointed).



Two weeks to this day, I cut my hair at my mother's wish. 78% of the days thus far, I have regretted that decision. I miss my hair so much. Hair is awesome. Let's look at some people who look great with great long hair:

So lesson to the wise: let it grow, let it go.